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Our own 80097 was originally allocated to the Eastern Region at Plaistow in December 1954 and subsequently Tilbury and Stratford. In 1962 it migrated to the Western Region and following regional boundary changes, became an L.M.R. Locomotive surviving until July 1965. In company with several others of its class, it made its way to the “graveyard” at Barry. Of ten of the class withdrawn at the same time, no less than eight are secured in preservation.


During its lifetime the loco had been based at the following sheds:  December 1954 to 33A Plaistow, October 1959 to 33B Tilsbury, June 1962 to 30A Stratford, July 1962 to 87D Swansea (East Dock), July 1963 to 89D Oswestry (Shed became 6E September 1963), July 1964 to 6F Machynlleth. In July 1965 it wasa withdrawn and stored at 6F Machynlleth and in January 1966, 80097 arrived at Woodhams Scrapyard in Barry South Wales.


Originally 80097 was built at a cost of £17,600 and it would have been reasonable to have expected a working life of 40 years. To date it has had 11 years service to its credit and restoration to working order will cost well in excess of the original outlay. The Bury Standard 4 Group would be pleased to hear from any readers who would like to contribute, either financially or physically, to this worthwhile project.

Rebuilding an ex-Barry hulk is a lengthy and mammoth task, especially when the loco concerned has spent around 20 years rusting away in the salt laden atmosphere of the South Wales coast and 80097 is no exception. During the time that we have been working on her we have made many good friends of a like mind and sadly, lost some too.


Work continued over the years and in October 2018, 80097 ran under her own steam for the first time in 50 years since she was retired by British Rail. Running in, adjustments and a full paint job were completed over the winter and in March 2019, 80097 was officially launched to the public and became a part of the fleet of locos running on the East Lancashire Railway.


Today she is a mainstay of the ELR and runs regularly in the railway's roster of both service and dining trains.

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