Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Workshop Update 8th November 2021

Monday, 8th November, 2021


BR Standard Class 4    2–6–4 T     No  80097


80097 continues to be regularly rostered on the ELR on both service and dining trains.


She is maintained by the small team of Alan, Carl and Matt.




Ivatt ‘Mogul’  Class 2 MT  2-6-0    No  46428


Work has been continuing on the pony truck. Alan has turned new pivot pin securing nuts and Nigel, Chris, Dave and Derek have started the reassembly. Dan has been cleaning up the running boards.


One of the low loaders storing the Ivatt driving wheels and the new cab roof steel, was shunted up to our workshop prior to the big lift. On Thursday the 4th November, the ELR’s mobile crane was brought to the workshop and the Ivatt frame was lifted and placed onto prepared transit bogies. It was then rolled into our workshop and raised onto stands, ready for restoration work to start in earnest.


Another low loader carrying the boiler, was then brought up from Baron street and the boiler craned into the position outside the workshop where the frame had been. The driving wheels were then lifted and placed on the track outside the workshop.


This now gives us all the major Ivatt parts in the workshop area.


Our thanks to Lee, Jonathan and the ELR for the use of their crane and to all the Bury Standard 4 Group working members who pitched in on the day.


Workshop working parties are now re-established every weekend.





The Ivatt frame inside our workshop


The boiler is lifted into position outside the workshop


The boiler and driving wheels outside the workshop

Workshop Update 8th November 2021 Workshop Update 8th November 2021 Workshop Update 8th November 2021