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Workshop Update 5th October 2018

Friday, 5th October, 2018


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BR Standard Class 4 mt  2-6-4T  loco   No 80097


Serious progress has now been made in the final assembly of the loco.


The last of the copper pipe runs in the cab have been completed and the cab roof is now fully bolted down. The main steam pipes are completed with the shrouds and covers fitted. The smokebox handrails have had two new mounting bosses made and are now bolted in place. The front covers and steps are now back on.


The smokebox is complete with the ejector exhaust pipes, smokebox ring, petticoat and the blast pipe now installed. The complete regulator system is now in place.


Spring hangars have been adjusted to position the driving springs. A new driver’s seat has been installed and the vac pipes fitted.


The loco has been filled with water and all major leaks now fixed.


A recent working session of nine consecutive days resulted in both piston valve bores being cleaned out and the refurbished piston valves with new rings fitted. The valve and motion assemblies have been measured and set up. The cylinder relief valves were fitted and a new cab floor put in. The blow down system is complete.



In our shop coach we now have a range of 80097 souveneirs with mugs, key rings and fridge magnets. A special memento is a custom designed 80097 metal pin badge.


Our shop coach is at the end of platform 2 at the East Lancashire Railway’s Bury Bolton Street station. We are open every weekend.



Ivatt ‘Mogul’ Class 2 MT 2-6-0  No 46428

No current working activity is taking place.



Pictures are:

            Driver's side Ejector pipework to smokebox, Injector pipework to clacks and main steam pipe to cylinders.

            Completed smokebox internals.

            Cab gauges, pipework and whistle chain.

Workshop Update 5th October 2018 Workshop Update 5th October 2018 Workshop Update 5th October 2018