Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Workshop Update 31st December 2017

Sunday, 31st December, 2017


BR Standard 4 Class 4 mt  2-6-4 t loco   No 80097


More steam pipe bending has taken place with the main steam pipes from the superheater header being fitted and the ends coded welded on. All flanges and pipework for the injectors are now complete.


The pipework was then removed so that the boiler could be lifted out of the frames on the 18th December. Once fitted onto a lowmac wagon the boiler assembly was returned to our workshop.


The rocking grate mechanism has been fitted into the firebox and all the fire bars fitted. Firebox stays have been tucked in and additional studs and gaskets have been made. The regulator has been bolted on and the crinolines made ready for fitting.


The boiler has been filled with water and a fire lit to bed in all the stays.


Good steady progress is now being made and all the team are looking forward to what is going to be a very good New Year.



Ivatt ‘Mogul’ Class 2 MT 2-6-0  No 46428


The Ivatt driving wheel sets have been sent to the South Devon Railway for a complete remachining.


The smokebox front ring has been waxoyled and put into storage.



Pictures are:


The boiler lifted and fitted onto a lowmac on a misty December day

Working on the regulator housing

Fire lit in the boiler




Workshop Update 31st December 2017 Workshop Update 31st December 2017 Workshop Update 31st December 2017