Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Group Update 5th August 2021

Thursday, 5th August, 2021



BR Standard Class 4    2–6–4 T     No  80097


80097 continues to be a mainstay in the ELR rosters and runs regularly on both service and dining trains now that the railway is on five day running.


The small team of Alan, Carl and Matt are maintaining her performance.



Ivatt ‘Mogul’  Class 2 MT  2-6-0    No  46428



Work has slowly restarted on the restoration of our Ivatt loco as our team return after the covid lockdown.


Stuart has been working on rebuilding the buffer beam cross bar by cutting back the old metal ready for a new bar to be fitted.


Keith, Peter, Peter and Adrian have been scraping the accumulated rust and dirt off the boiler. It is gradually being shot blasted and primed.


Peter and Jude have been scraping down the driving wheel spokes.


Current plans are for the boiler,  driving wheels,  pony truck wheels and the main new cab metalwork, which are on two low loaders in the Baron Street yard, to be moved in mid September and placed outside our workshop. At the same time the frame will be moved inside our workshop.  All the Ivatt main parts will then be close to our workshop.



Freight Restoration Team



The small Wagons team of Keith, Peter, John and Peter have also continued to work on the L & Y coal wagon and steady progress is being made.



Our Workshop



Nigel has completed the main part of his refurbishment of his fifty five foot bogie bolster D and it has now been moved out of the workshop.



The workshop is now being tidied up and prepared ready for the Ivatt to be moved in in September.





Our fund raising Shop coach at the end of platform 2 at Bury Bolton Street station is now open on Wednesdays as well as every weekend and our supporters andrailway passengers are slowly returning to visit us.


Access to the Shop is now via the large gate at the end of the station car park as well as by platform 2.





Stuart working on the Ivatt buffer beam          (Photo          Rod Tibbits)


Ivatt boiler being shot blasted and primed       (Photo        Keith Savory)


Jude sanding the Ivatt driving wheel spokes)    (Photo        Keith Savory)


Group Update 5th August 2021 Group Update 5th August 2021 Group Update 5th August 2021