Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Workshop Update 18th June 2019

Tuesday, 18th June, 2019


Now that 80097 is in service our shed has been cleaned, painted, the pit cleaned, pit lights cleaned and painted and a A frame constructed in our shed to enable us to assemble the pony truck piece by piece.

The pony truck of 46428 has been dismantled, de-rusted and parts painted ready for re-assembly.

The frames of 46428 require badly corroded metalwork removing around the rear drag-box, once this has been done we will hopefully get the frames grit blasted this summer. We can then paint the frames and move them into our shed, overhaul the axle boxes and get the frames re-wheeled. The wheels have all been re-profiled by the South Devon Railway and are stored in Baron Street yard along with the unrestored boiler.

New metalwork for the rear drag-box has been bought and new metalwork has been purchased to replace the corroded buffer beams the old ones are being drilled using the old beams as a template, a new smoke box and smoke box ring has been manufactured by contractors. 

These new parts will be fitted once the frames have being painted, if any one would like to join the group in restoring 46428 you are welcome to join us.

All the new parts have been paid for by a well wisher and the work which we are doing costs very little just paint and our volunteer labour. We borrowed from the ELR £118,000 which enabled the boiler from 80097 to be refurbished and is now in service on the ELR. The loan is now being paid back with each steaming on the ELR.

Sand boxes are being made as well, again using the old corroded ones as a template.

Anyone wishing to join us in the restoration must be members of the ELRPS we can be found Saturdays & Sundays in our workshop at the end of platform 2 Bury Bolton Street Station, ask for our C.M.E. Allan Schofield Senior.

Help us to repay the loan by Joining the group, visit our shop on platform two or buy shares in The Bury Steam Locomotive Company Limited.

Workshop Update 18th June 2019