Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Group Update 1st July 2020

Wednesday, 1st July, 2020


BR Standard Class 4 mt 2-6-4 T   No 80097


Since the ELR closedown there has been no runnings of locos on the railway. The latest possibility is to run limited trains in August.


When the railway starts to run trains again, the Bury Standard 4 Group has offered the ELR to use 80097 for ten steamings without any fees being required. It is hoped that this will go some way to help ease the financial burden on the railway.


Some behind the scenes work, under controlled conditions, has been undertaken on 80097 by a small working members team of Allan, Alan and Carl. The motion has been greased, the mud flaps replaced, the firebox has been cleaned – particularly blocked firebars, reseating the ashpan and she has had a full washout by Matt. After being stored for four months our loco was quite dusty and a thorough clean up has been completed. She is now ready to run again.



Ivatt ‘Mogul’ Class 2 MT 2-6-0  No 46428


Practically no work has been able to be done on the Ivatt but a lot of background planning has gone on ready for when we restart after the lockdown is finished.


We have tracked down a pattern for the brake hangar brackets from our friends at the Severn Valley Railway, who are doing the new build Class 3 Standard loco. The original ones were used to complete 80097’s rebuild. We will need two at a cost of around £700. The SVR team has also advised us of a local foundry that can forge the brake hangars, pull rods and cross ties, which will fill our brake components requirements.


A contact at the Grand Central Railway has offered us a pattern for the top feed clack, which will be cast in bronze and will cost around £2000 for the casting.


There may not be a lot of practical work being able to be done but we are certainly racking up the financial requirement behind the scenes !


Terry has been measuring the reclaimed parts from the cab and producing drawings, which are now ready to be sent to a laser cutting company to be profiled.


Hughie has been cleaning and painting the tender axle box covers at home.


As the ELR is still in lockdown, our Shop Sales Coach remains closed, which is severely restricting our fund raising.





Maintenance work on 80097 at the Buckley Wells yard.  (Photo by Alan Briggs)


An immaculate 80097 waits for her next steaming roster.   (Photo by Carl Liddy)


The refurbished Ivatt tender axle box covers.

Group Update 1st July 2020 Group Update 1st July 2020 Group Update 1st July 2020