Bury Standard 4 Group - Restoring 80097 and 46428

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Workshop Update 9th February 2017

Thursday, 9th March, 2017



Standard 4 mt Loco 80097


Further delays have occurred with the boiler work and it was not ready for a planned hydraulic test on the 13th February. A revised date has not yet been set. The delay was caused by additional work being required to tap out the flue tube holes, many of which were out of round.


Riveting of the tube plate has taken place, during which it was found that the copper wrapper was misshaped. This has now been corrected.


Matt Jervis has been to Dalgleish’s and replaced all the missing crown stay nuts.


The small boiler tubes are now being installed.


Nigel is continuing with the machining of the injectors which is progressing well.



Ivatt Loco 46428


Stuart drilled out the rivets to release the pony truck axle boxes which Allan then melted off the white metal. The team have now completely stripped the pony truck and the parts are being cleaned and primed ready for storage.


Dave has cut up the front buffer beam for templates whilst Stuart and Allan removed the last bits of the guard irons.


Richard has been making the studs for the cylinders.


The rubbing blocks and the rear buffer beam have now been removed.


Photos are:


​Work on the boiler

The completed crown stays

Cleaning the Ivatt parts


Workshop Update 9th February 2017 Workshop Update 9th February 2017 Workshop Update 9th February 2017